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60 Min Massage

Join the Siena Club this month and receive a COMPLIMENTARY 60 Minute Massage Session!

As always, the Siena Club is FREE to join, and FREE to cancel. Not only do you receive reduced pricing on all massage sessions, but you can also take advantage of discounts on gift cards and products that are not available to other clients.

* This Siena Club promotion requires a three month minimum agreement. After three months the Siena Club is absolutely free to cancel anytime for any reason. There are no hidden fees. While you’re in the Siena Club, all unused sessions are saved in the system for your convenience, and you can even exchange them for gift certificates for your friends and family!

Pumpkin Latte Seasonal Facial

Pumpkin is rich in enzymes and essential vitamins necessary for healthy, radiant skin. As a natural source of Vitamins A and C, pumpkin will smooth and soften the skin and repair environmental damage.

The naturally occurring enzymes in the pumpkin pulp will break down and digest dead, dry skin to reveal a youthful complexion and promote healthy cell renewal!

Call today to book your Eminence Organic Skin Care Pumpkin Latte – Fall Seasonal Facial!

(Available while supplies last.)

Pumpkin Latte Facial

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If you enjoy massage enough to visit regularly, the Siena Club is the obvious choice. Our regular priced one-hour massage is $79.99, but in the Siena Club you can enjoy huge savings each time you come in. As a Siena Club member, you will receive a 1-hour massage session each month for only $59.99 and all additional sessions are only $49.99! (Plus, you will have the advantage of BIG discounts on massage, gift cards and products which are not available to other clients.)

The Siena Club is a client-friendly club. There are no hidden fees, no additional costs, and most importantly, it’s FREE to suspend or cancel any time for any reason!

All unused massage sessions remain on your profile for your convenience,
and you can even exchange them for gift certificates for your friends or family!

"Awesome!!!! They were all so nice and it was very very comfortable and soothing."

- Daniela (6-7-2016)